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Workshops and Seminars

Workshops and Seminars

We love to take our candybowl on the road. Here is some sweet information we can share at your next board training, conference, retreat or luncheon. Contact Maryanne for more information about these topics or speaking on a topic that fits your needs. 

What is inbound marketing and how can it help you raise more money?

Shift the dynamics of your donor relations by using inbound marketing tools. Instead of buying, begging or bugging your way to new audiences, you will earn your way in. Learn to use marketing activities that bring visitors in, rather than having to go out to get prospective donors’ attention. Inbound marketing earns the attention of customers, makes your organization easy to find, and draws prospects to your website.


What's in a name? Or tagline?

Your name and tagline are the first things people learn about your organization. Do you think your communication problems stem from your organization’s name? It’s either too long, too boring or doesn’t say what you do? Does your tagline feel too generic or is just not compelling enough? Name changes are exceptionally expensive and may not be the problem. This session will look at names and taglines and how to make them work better for your organization. Maryanne will explore when and how, when and why to change a name. She will also discuss how to tell if a tagline is working, how to create a compelling one, and how to create a better messaging system to support the name and tagline.


Let it go — what nonprofits can stop doing

We have so much to do, so here’s some things we can stop doing. Learn what communication strategies and technologies are no longer necessary, and instead, where we should shift our focus. Learn about the future of development communication (hint: it’s smartphones) and how to realign our strategies to meet the needs of donors today and tomorrow.


Mobile sites — why you need one

By the end of 2014, the majority of your donors and supporters will be viewing your website, social media and email communications on smartphones and tablets. To successfully communicate your mission and to fundraise online, a mobile site is a necessary investment. Learn how to take your website mobile, how mobile wallets can help fundraising and how a mobile site will get you more results out of your social media and e-news efforts.


Two taps to donate...
how mobile giving will revolutionize how we communicate with donors 

Mobile wallets are the next big things, allowing donors to give with two quick taps. The increased use of mobile will affect our websites, email, social networks, and print materials. You’ll learn which web trends you need and which ones you can live without.


Better branding through social media

How can your social media efforts build help you build your brand, engage supporters, raise funds and advance your mission? Learn how to use social media and your website to engage supporters and create communities of support. Learn the biggest mistake you are probably making in your social media communications, and eight rules for nonprofit social media success.


Five fears of branding and how to overcome them

Why does branding leave some nonprofit leaders quaking in their all too sensible shoes? Learn the five main fears around branding and how to break through them. See examples of other nonprofits that worked through their fears to build stronger, more engaging brands.


From complex to clear…
how to stop sending messages that confuse, alienate and bore your audiences 

Complex, boring or misdirected messages are costing you donors and consequently money. Create messages that will engage supporters and build stronger relationships. Learn how to develop a main message and talking points, craft an elevator conversation and use outcome-based storytelling to engage supporters. 


Pull communications…
what it is and how can it help you raise more money

The way we communicate has been revolutionized, yet many of us have not changed how we communicate in response. Learn how to be a pull communicator, and why it is important in social media (hint: it is not about the number of fans or how often you post). Learn to use social media to create communities of support for your organization.


how to tell stories with passion, drama and tension

Powerful storytelling makes an emotional connection and keeps your current supporters engaged and your prospective supporters wanting to learn more. This workshop will teach you how to craft powerful stories so you won't miss an opportunity to share all the good work your nonprofit is doing.


Strategic communications…
how to get big results from your communication efforts

Every organization needs a communications plan, and too few are actually investing in one. Learn how strategic communication efforts can save you time and money, and make your communication efforts more effective. Learn the elements of a plan and how to create one in your organization. 


Taking your website mobile

Mobile devices are on track to outpace desktop computers as the most common way to access the internet. Are you ready? Learn how to convince leadership a mobile site is needed, the benefits of having a mobile, and the options for taking your site mobile.


Value proposition…
how to sell good stuff AND good will

Many nonprofits are either actively engaged in or are considering a social enterprise to increase funding. How do you market a product along side a cause? This workshop will teach you how to market to supporters' consumer needs as well as their philanthropic ones, how to brand your social enterprise and to market it to diverse audiences.


Why no one cares about your nonprofit and what to do about it

Yes, it's true. They don't care. It's not their fault. Learn the five main reasons why audiences don't care, how to craft compelling messages that audience will care about and some examples of nonprofits that got people to start caring.